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You know, when I log on here I always have messages asking to join groups.
Guys, there is a reason I DO NOT JOIN THEM.
I disappear randomly, so please don’t send me request asking to join a group. 

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We should all shake our butts.

Just saying.

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“….How the hell are you alive…?” The last time Parker’d seen her, she’d tried to drink his and Jill’s blood on the Queen Zenobia. Add to it how she was resistant to most kinds of damage and he was reasonably worried about her.

Laughing a bit nervous like Rachael took a step back from him “Let’s just say I met some people.”
She kept her distance from him, obvious to the fact he was uncomfortable or just freaked out. Which she understood.

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**extends hand**  Uhh, Crispin Jettingham.  Dee-Ay if you like.  And you are?

Brushing her hair with one hand, she used the right hand to take hold of his. “Rachael. It’s wonderful to meet you Mister Dee-Ay.”

bows-cost-extra-deactivated2013 asked: Well, you gotta admit, it's your most eye-catchin' assessments. Well, one of 'em, anyway. Heh.


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**raises eyebrows**

Wow.  Hi there.

Waving her hand a bit she smiled towards the man “Hello there.”